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Don Ortner

What is Q-Leadership?

Don Ortner set up Q-Leadership to address three key business needs:

  • Leadership education, training and mentoring
  • Business growth and new business development
  • Project management training, structuring and mentoring
In short: Q-Leadership is about Quantum steps to strengthen your organization.

Modern business requires rapid strategic adjustment constant change. Q-Leaders create strategic advantage by developing strong organizations prepared to adapt to market and technology drivers.

To do this, Q-leaders synergistically develop the four Rs:

  • Right direction: Where are we going and why?
  • Right people: Who can get us there?
  • Right tools: What do we need to get there?
  • Right motivators: What excites people to achieve our goals?

Q-Leadership trains leaders in the craft of delivering the four Rs in order to lead their organizations to quantum improvements. We do this by teaching leaders how to use quantitative and qualitative tools for developing effective strategies and for guiding strategic evaluation and evolution (aka: setting the Right Direction). We then plan a follow-up procedure for coaching and mentoring clients through the initial implementation of these tools.

Q-Led organizations inevitably desire growth and seek new opportunities. We work with you to find, develop and deliver profitable growth. We guide your team through an analytical process to identify the best portfolio of growth opportunities then provide guidance for achieving success. We find that knowing what to do may not be sufficient and that many organization gain much benefit through periodic coaching on how to secure objectives.

As organizations develop effective growth plans, they often find a need for project and program management as a way of achieving these quantum improvements. Whether your project is delivering a new organization or a new product, Q-Leadership works with you to set-up, train and coach your project teams through successful execution of key projects.


Delivering Projects.

Your people have mastered daily operations. Your team has identified new opportunities beyond operational evolution. Now you have a project. Now you need to deliver the project and make it operational.

Q-Leadership works with the people in your organization to develop a customized support plan to deliver your project. We start with training in teamwork and project management. We then work with your team through the life of the project to keep it on track and to deliver.

Developing Great Leaders

You lead your people well. You and your team deliver good results. But you want the self confidence which comes from knowing that youre among the best. You want to hone your skills to master the leadership craft. Youre also very busy running your business or department and lack the time to review the over 300 books which were published in 2007 alone on the subject. We provide the training and follow-up to support you in developing and strengthening your leadership style and the skills of leaders in your organization. The large number of books on the topic reflects a clear need for leaders not just managers. Managers handle processes and on-going operations. Leaders guide people through change. We provide you with the tools to motivate your people and lead them to the next success.

A Q-leader is an individual of high integrity who has a command of their discipline, knows what they want, communicates their intentions effectively and provides a framework by which others also succeed. The individual character of leadership means that each person brings a unique combination of skills and perspectives to the role. Growing into your leadership potential best accomplished with a customized approach to your development.

Q-Leaders understand that all leaders have 4 basic responsibilities:

  • Set & communicate the right direction.
  • Select the right people
  • Provide the right tools
  • Celebrate the successes

Our customized curriculum provides you the tools to support each area and teaches you how to use them.

Achieving Growth

You run a good operation. People buy your products.

But . . . growth is elusive.

Q-Leadership provides you with an effective approach to defining new business development plans and achieving your growth potential. We work with you to identify your competitive advantages which may not stand out clearly. We then develop a plan for your next phase of growth whether by expanding the product offering, expanding into new territories or pulling on some latent skill set to develop a new line of products.